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Financial Coaching provides you with a guide through the daily and periodic transactions that we all are presented with in our lives. Having a financial coach on your side and someone you can confidently and confidentially talk with and bounce ideas off of and receive guidance on removes a lot of stress about money matters. Our coaches will be courteous and informative and help you with your financial questions. Get a free initial consultation now!

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Navigate Your Financial Life

Making a Budget

Let’s be open and honest. You are here for a reason. You want to make the conscious decision to get your financial life in order for yourself and/or your family by establishing a household budget. It’s not going to be easy at first, but once you commit to the budget, you will definitely see the benefits and reap the rewards. Keep your expectations low to avoid disappointment, but be happy when you meet and exceed your commitments you make on the budget. Let’s find out how much you can afford to pay in Rent, or a House payment. Determine if you can buy or lease a car. Are you paying too much for different types of insurance, cell phone, health care. We’ll determine if any money can be saved or should you participate in your job 401k plan? You will be able to pay down debt faster. We’ll discuss all this confidentially and put it in a written format for you to refer to daily, weekly, monthly.

Improve Credit Score

Why do you need a better Credit Score? A better Credit Score opens up possibilities for lower interest rate credit cards, special offers from retail stores, better pricing opportunities on major purchases. How do you improve your Credit Score?  By following a personal Budget and making timely payments, and payments greater than the minimum amount, your Credit Score will go up. You can reduce your debt faster. Refinance your home mortgage at a lower interest rate, and pay less in closing costs.

Buy a Home/Car

Buying a Home or Car is an intimidating experience. Our coaches have bought and sold many homes. We have had rental properties, had many interactions with tenants. Working with Realtors can be misleading. Realtors are bound by the laws of agency to represent the property seller unless you have a buyer broker agreement. Let’s talk about what “agency” means and how it can affect negotiations for price, personal property, repairs and more. You will learn what Escrow is, how it applies to the process before the closing and what it means after the closing of the deal. We’ll work with you every step of the way and will be just a phone call, text, or email away at all times. 

Car buying/leasing is another financial life event that can lead to “getting laid away” in a vehicle that you liked but you will end up paying too much for and sometimes not even know it! The dealerships have this down to a science and unless you know their games, you will pay the price. Learn from other peoples mistakes so you are not doomed to repeat them and become an unwary buyer. We try to never trade in a car. Never tell the dealer how you are going to pay for the car, until you negotiate the selling price. Never buy upsell products.

Electronic Payments

Today we live in an internet based world and spend hours of our day using our phones for everything from talking and texting friends, family, and business associates. We have apps for just about everything. Find out why you should never provide your credit or debit card numbers to the companies you do business with. We discuss why it is better to always use your bank bill pay service and help you start to use it.  Do away with writing checks. When should you use Paypal, Zelle, or other cash apps.

We have over 40 years of corporate accounting experience at the Chief Financial Officer level in varied business sectors. This background brings a wide array of real life experience to share and teach our clients the best way to achieve financial freedom and debt free living.

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Financial Freedom

We will confidentially discuss your personal or business questions with you and offer solid advice on how to approach financial opportunities, improve your credit, manage your money, make major life purchases and much more! We can discuss on your schedule by email, text, phone, zoom or Facetime. Set a budget, lower your monthly costs, improve your credit, and receive guidance during major purchases.


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