Car buying is an overwhelming experience. We always feel that we are being taken advantage of and that we pay too much.

  • Be ready to walk away! Do not feel like you are limited to buying a car from a specific dealership. Having this mindset gives you leverage when talking to the salesperson. If you cannot get the price you want to pay and can afford move on to the next dealership.
  • Expect and Demand respect from the salesperson. The car you arrived to the dealership in or what clothes or jewelry you are wearing should not have an impact on how you are treated. In fact, you may want to consider how your first impression to the dealer affects your deal.
  • Do not discuss a trade in, your job or income or where you live. Be anonymous at first. They want to find a way to run your credit and see your financial ability to obtain financing.
  • Do not discuss your budget, current or expected monthly car payment. Once you disclose this information the dealership can tailor the car payment amount into making the deal affordable into the sales pitch.
  • Do not discuss how you plan on paying for the car you want to buy. The dealer wants to provide the financing so they can make money on a higher interest rate.

This is just a start about what you need to know when buying a car. In a very short time, by talking with your wealth coach, you will learn and be guided through the car buying process. Feel like you got the best deal possible on the car you really wanted and can afford. Start with a Free Consultation today.