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Alan Brenner

Finance Coach

Originally from Detroit, Michigan I am a graduate of Wayne State University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in Business with a Major in Accounting. My work experience spans the Hospitality, High Tech Electronics, Industrial Manufacturing, and legal services industries. All at the C-Suite level. Currently, I reside in Aventura, Florida.

For the past 20 years I have been the Chief Financial Officer of a growing Law Firm based in Miami, Florida. Upon joining the firm, we had 3 locations in Florida and approximately 100 employees. Today we have 21 offices across the country in 12 states and close to 800 employees, and generate revenue of $140 Million a year.

My education and career experience offers you a varied and unique background and perspective on improving your personal financial life. Looking forward to working with you!

How Do We Control Monthly Expenses?

How Do We Control Monthly Expenses?

In dealing with our daily personal budget we have what we consider fixed expenses and expense that are variable in nature. Fixed expenses would be things characterized by our House Payment or Rent, Car Payment and vehicle Insurance, health insurance, life insurance...

5 Tips for Buying a Car

5 Tips for Buying a Car

Car buying is an overwhelming experience. We always feel that we are being taken advantage of and that we pay too much. Be ready to walk away! Do not feel like you are limited to buying a car from a specific dealership. Having this mindset gives you leverage when...

Pay Day

Pay Day

What do you do with your take home pay? Whether you get paid in cash, check, payroll check or direct deposit you have bills to pay. The typical order of where our cash goes is to Food, Shelter and everything else. It’s the everything else where the decision making...

Improving Credit Score

Improving Credit Score

A FICO Credit Score is a measurement of how lenders determine how likely it will be that they will be paid back. The score ranges between 300 to 850, with 850 being the best. Here is how credit scores Rank: EXCELLENT – 740 and over GOOD – 670 to 739 FAIR – 570 to 669...

What is a Good Personal Budget?

What is a Good Personal Budget?

To start a simple BUDGET think about dividing your available After Tax dollars in a 50/30/20 allocation. This means that half of your money goes to paying necessities, 30% to wants and 20% to savings and debt repayment. Necessities include Housing, Utilities,...

We have over 40 years of corporate accounting experience at the Chief Financial Officer level in varied business sectors. This background brings a wide array of real life experience to share and teach our clients the best way to achieve financial freedom and debt free living.

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